Lighting Cameraman


(Salt flats for Discovery Channel)

As a lighting cameraman and steadicam-operator I’ve been lucky enough to do my pasion for filmmaking as a career. It’s fascinating to be able to capture many spectacular and emotional moments I have seen through a viewfinder.  Work with many producers and directors to create both beautiful fictional and documentary stories.

Started at the age of 17 at the Hogeschool v.d. Kunsten Utrecht (Dutch Art-Academy) and by the time I finished my BA (1996), I had already shot movies in Chicago, Barcelona, Amsterdam and trained myself in 16mm, 35mm film making (Panavision Arriflex, Aaton), and camera operating in multiple courses in Rockport Maine USA and Venice Italy it was time to start !

Travelling all over the world for Film and TV jobs and re-training in Steadicam every couple of years the learning and research didn’t stop. Between 2002 and 2008 ; I taught several camera classes at my old HKU, KMT Art-Academy and the SAE Film institute in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Including helping out the masters at the Tiffen and Steadicam Operators Association workshops in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Oxford and Paris. When the DSLR-‘s showed up I started teaching DSLR-workshops and seminars for photographers and cameraman.


(‘If you’re pictures aren’t good enough; you’re not close enough…’ Quote -R. Capa)

Freelancing jobs started after being on staff for 7 years with the Dutchview company. I got a head start as a d.o.p. with the Emmy award winning gameshows “the Phone” and Rose d’Or winner “Relentless” for their Abu Dhabi TV versions. Together with the one of the best possible cameracrews out there !

After more than 15 years of experience in all parts of the industry, internationally and on every continent for all European and International production houses I still love working closely with directors and producers to get the right shot and tell the story through lighting, framing and composition. Jokingly producers mentioned that no matter what the shot’s about it needs “passion, oehmpf and AAH”. And I totally agree.


(working for RTL in Mugello , Italy)

I’ve worked a lot within motorsports, extreme sports, commercials, title sequences and documentaries for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, TLC and well known Dutch broadcasters like: RTL, AVRO, VARA, NOS, SBS, NPS, IKON etc. My corporate clients range from KLM, Heineken, Vodafone to smaller companies via many different production companies.

Loving the visual language ; I’m now embracing the technological revolution within the camera world. Experiences with DSLR Cinema, 3D, Alexa’s Epic’s, GoPro’s and high speed camera’s made me start writing articles and teach workshops in these new technologies. This resulted in writing of a new book which will be out soon. (Check out the book tab on this website)


Patrick Van Weeren