I’m a Freelance Steadicam operator and cameraman for film, video, ob, HD. I started with Steadicam® in 1996 and gained over 12 years of experience on this machine and still passioned about it’s possibilities! I specialized as the first cameraman on the Handsfree segway operating Steadicam. Steadicam® is a registed trademark from Tiffen.

The Steadicam is a mechanical device that balances the camera on a pole where the camera is placed on one side and a monitor, batteries and electronics work as a counterweight. When you hold the pole at it’s center of gravity, you can operate the Steadicam with fingertip precision. The Steadicam operators are united within the steadicam operators association (also great workshops) and the steadicam guild.


Steadicam is a camera stabilisation system that was invented by Garrett Brown in the Seventies and first used on Hal Asby’s ‘Bound for Glory’. Shortly followed by ‘ Marathon Man’, ‘Rocky’ (The famous steps sequence – is among the first Steadicam shots ). The Steadicam gained publicity when Stanley Kubrick started to ‘play’ with it on the movie ‘The Shining’. Since then Garrett Brown kept developing the Steadicam. The community of Steadicam-operators is a small world of a couple of thousand lunatics that fly these camera’s through space… The workshops and the original steadicam are produced by Tiffen.

If you want to see some classic examples of Steadicam shots check out the website.

Patrick operating the Stedicam

Patrick Van Weeren